Congratulations on bringing home your new bundle of joy! We know how special your little loved one is. We also know that they require lots of attention and love. Let us ease your workload by providing the necessary care and attention. BARKYARD can help with your puppy or senior dog by letting him/her out to relieve themselves and to provide them with the necessary attention they require.



As you know puppies (8 weeks to 4 months old) need lots of tender care and attention. They may exhibit separation anxiety and their bladders are a bit too small so house training while you are at work may be difficult. After that, you can bring him/her to join our daycare where your puppy can benefit from socialization and increased exercise.



At the same time, if you have a senior dog, they may also have bladder issues, require administration of necessary medications or just need a little tender loving care while you are away.



• 30 minutes per visits


• Potty breaks


• Clean up of any accidents (oops!!!)


• Feed, water and administer medication if required


• Play time


• Lots of belly rubs and a treat


• Photo and update of visit








Weekdays (Weekdays)


Weekend (Week)









 Additional dog in home








- Extra charges may apply for longer distances.






Mon:          8am - 6:30pm
Tue:           8am - 6:30pm
Wed:          8am - 6:30pm
Thurs:        8am - 6:30pm
8am - 6:30pm
Sat:            10am - 5pm
Sun:           10am - 5pm


* Please call or book online for            appointment.


* Early Drop-Off and Late Pick-Up    are always available.



Tel:      416 -354-2275 (BARK)                     416-876-5548 (24 HOURS)
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Email:  info@barkyardpets.com