• Is your dog bored when he's left home alone?


  • Does he/she get destructive or exhibit stress-related behaviors?


  • Is he/she overly energetic when you come home after a long day of work?


  • Does he have "accidents" if you don't get home in time?



BARKYARD can help you meet your dog’s needs for attention, activity and supervision. We provide a great antidote for bored, lonely or high-energy dogs with busy guardians who work away from home all day and don’t want to leave their dogs alone. Daycare for dogs works similarly to daycare for children. You drop off your dog in the morning, and they get to play, socialize, snack and nap while you’re off working. Then you pick them up at the end of the workday. Instead of your dog greeting you workday with loads of pent-up energy, they will be pleasantly tired and ready to relax with you all evening. Since we only take up to 20 dogs a day, we offer personalized attention that the bigger daycares don't provide. 


Daycare price  includes LEASH WALKS, ACTIVITIES, TREATS, ETC.......



HURRY and sign up while we still have openings!!



Daycare Requirement


In order to provide a safe, fun and rewarding environment, we have the following requirements.

- Rabies Vaccination is required

- Bordatella Vaccination is strongly recommended (kennel cough)

- Be People & Dog Friendly

- Spayed or Neutered if over 7 months

- Puppies should have finished their vaccination program
- Have Flea & Tick Treatment (June through November)
- Do not bring if dog doesn’t feel well or sick







Half Day (5 hours)



Package of 5 Half Days



Package of 10 Half Days



Package of 20 Half Days



Full Days (8:30am - 5:30pm)



Package of 5 Full Days



Package of 10 Full Days



Package of 20 Full Days






*Dogs need to be picked up promptly at 5:30pm. Dogs picked up after 5:30pm will be  charged $10.00/ per 30 minutes late. 









Mon:          8am - 5:30pm

Tue:           8am - 5:30pm

Wed:          8am - 5:30pm

Thurs:        8am - 5:30pm

Fri:             8am  - 5:30pm

Sat:            CLOSED

Sun:           CLOSED


*  Sun appointment only


* Early Drop-Off and Late Pick-Up    are always available.



Tel:     416 -354-2275 (BARK)                    
Add:    621 The Queensway

            Etobicoke M8Y1K4